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Exam Question – Scenario 1

Objective: You will create an automation bot for data entry, read the Excel file and input data into CRM application system.

1. Download Contoso application

2. Download Excel file material

3. Add new record and input data from Excel into application

4. Extract ID number from each invoice and write back to the Excel file

1. Download Contoso invoicing app that is used in Microsoft tutorials is available on GitHub here 

mslearn-developer-tools-power-platform/power-automate-desktop/contoso-invoice-app at master · MicrosoftDocs/mslearn-developer-tools-power-platform · GitHub


2.Download Excel exam file from the link: 

3. Launch Contoso application via Power Automate Desktop.


4. Go to the Invoices tab and click on New Record at the top left.


5.If the date in Excel is blank then enter the 1st date of next month. Eg; If today’s date is 12th April 2023, then the 1st date of next month is 1st May 2023. So, write 5/1/2023 in the Date textbox.


6.If the date in Excel is not blank then write as the given Excel date. Add all other fields as given in Excel.


7.Capture the auto-incremented ID and write it in the last column of the Input Excel as below. Save the record using the Save button at the top left.

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